RIM 0552

The shape of the Rim handle evokes spontaneity and movement. The challenge to Bernat Llonch has been to create a piece with which the user’s hand interacts via a natural gesture which arises in a fluid way, almost without thinking. Rim invites you to use it whether for its dimensions or due to its pleasant texture. On an aesthetic level, Llonch defines it as a neutral handle, apt for different typologies of furniture.

A versatile handle without equal designed by Bernat Llonch, with a zamak base and available in four finishes: brushed nickel, brass, matt white, matt black and mossy gray. Rim is a handle with a superior positioning, geometrically balanced, of reduced dimensions and maximum possibilities. Its simple curved lines fit especially well on cupboards and on office furniture. It works well with door thicknesses of 19 to 23 mm, either individually or as a set when we’re dealing with drawers of large dimensions. Its favorable grip and the minimalist tone of its lines make it an ergonomic and differentiating accessory, apt for eclectic decorative styles.

  • Name RIM
  • Model 0552
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Bernat Llonch

Sizes table

Z23 Z618 ZM1 ZM2 ZM25      
Brushed nickel Brushed brass cava Matt white Matt black Moss grey Holes Box  
0552096Z23 0552096Z618 0552096ZM1 0552096ZM2 0552096ZM25 2 25  
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