SKALA 0467

Skala is an aluminum handle that combines perfectly well with all current decorational styles thanks to its modern, sophisticated and simple look. Its contrast of straight and rounded shapes adds a certain difference to any piece of furniture to which it is fitted. It is designed to be applied either vertically or horizontally in kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms and office cupboards. Available in two sizes, it is ideal for medium sized doors and drawers. The Skala handle comes in four different finishes of the latest trend: brushed black and grey, antique bronze and the new brushed cava which provides a solution to the necessities required for the most innovative furniture and interior design projects.

  • Name SKALA
  • Model 0467
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Alexis Vivet

Sizes table

30 31 613 618        
Brushed black Brushed grey Antique bronze Brushed cava C L Holes Box
0467128L30 0467128L31  0467128L613  0467128L618 128   200 25 
0467256L30  0467256L31  0467256L613  0467256L618  256  350 25 
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