NICE 0480

The Nice handle in zamak is made up of rounded lines which add balance and subtlety to those spaces in which it is found. It has a top side which is straight and an underside with a smooth curve. This double shape gives it a smooth, comfortable and practical grip for all types of hands. Thanks to its double height, Nice can be the perfect handle to be fitted horizontally onto office drawers, in dressing rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. It can also be fitted vertically in the most groundbreaking of interiors, looking for an innovative effect which adds the double size so characteristic of this handle. Available in two sizes, it boasts four types of finish – brushed nickel, brushed gold, brushed spotted grey and matt black – which give it great versatility and the capacity to combine with spaces where the most fashionable of designs can be found.

  • Name NICE
  • Model 0480
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Héctor Diego

Sizes table

23 28 32 M2        
Brushed nickel Brushed gold Brushed mole grey Matt black C L Holes Box
0480160Z23 0480160Z28 0480160Z32 0480160ZM2 160   184,6 25 
0480320Z23 0480320Z28 0480320Z32 0480320ZM2 320  344,6 25 
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