LUV 0536

Luv means “against the wind”, in German it’s a word which is widely used in navigation, a source of inspiration for this handle which reminds us of smooth undulating lines as found on sails and barges. At the Kaschkasch studio, they describe it as an elegant yet at the same time fun and sexy handle, which can also be used as a hanger.

A handle designed by the German studio Kaschkasch, available in three sizes and in four finishes in zamak. It’s a product that creates ergonomic and elegant sets for the most demanding of kitchens. The short version has an anti-rotation mechanism which stops the knob from turning and so prevents damage to the furniture. It’s smooth concave shape allows it to be combined with other elegant knobs from other models among the knobs and handles selection from Viefe®. It goes perfectly well with oak and other modern materials. An accessory with a smooth and pleasant feel and an optimum choice for kitchens and offices.

  • Name LUV
  • Model 0536
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Kaschkasch

Sizes table

Z23 Z618 ZM1 ZM2            
Brushed nickel Brushed brass cava Matt white Matt black C L H Holes Box  
0536017Z23 0536017Z618 0536017ZM1 0536017ZM2 51,2 31,1 1 25 Includes non-twisting  tip
0536192Z23 0536192Z618 0536192ZM1 0536192ZM2 192 202 30,4 2 25  
0536320Z23 0536320Z618 0536320ZM1 0536320ZM2 320 330 30,4 2 25  
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