BACKK 0457

Backk is a handle with elegant, straight lines which brings a touch of style and sophistication to the spaces in which it is found. Manufactured in zamak, its frontal part has a wavy texture with a slight incline together with a small opening on its inner side, which means it is ideal for using on drawers. The elegance of black can be seen on the Backk handle, available in a texturized black finish with a forged look in two measurements. It gives an aesthetic plus in terms of its design to bathrooms, kitchens and furniture in general.

  • Name BACKK
  • Model 0457
  • Material ZAMAK
  • Designer Alexis Vivet

Sizes table

Texturized black C1 C2 L Holes Box
0457096ZM22 96     116 25
0457192ZM22  192  160  212 4 25
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