GRAF MINI Long 0430

The aluminum handle Graf2 has evolved from the successful Graf knob with a modern, industrial aesthetic. Its texture with a mesh-like shape ensures a perfect grip when you pull on it. The two variations, with a knob or arched handle-like shape fit perfectly well with kitchen or bathroom furniture, in changing rooms, in bedrooms (from chests of drawers to bedside tables, to sets of drawers and cupboards). It is also suitable for hotel facilities and all types of contract projects. It comes in different sizes and finishes with a stainless steel look, dark, brushed brass and brushed black. The largest size is 1200mm which allows it to be fitted to cupboards and doors with large dimensions.

  • Name GRAF MINI Long
  • Model 0430
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe®

Sizes table

24 NEW! 291 NEW! 30 NEW!          
Stain. steel look Brushed dark brass Brushed black C1 C2 L Holes Box
0430010L24 0430010L291 0430010L30 10 1 25
0430060L24 0430060L291 0430060L30 60 1 25
0430160L24 0430160L291 0430160L30 160 182 2 25
0430256L24 0430256L291 0430256L30 256 278 2 25
04301178L24  04301178L291  04301178L30  1178  589 1200  3 10 
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