FRUIT 0113

Just as if we were dealing with small pieces of fruit, the knobs from the fruit collection decorate furniture with their organic shapes. Their ergonomic design maximizes comfort to the touch and brings originality and character to the collections to which they are part of. It has a glossy chrome base and the upper part is available in white, black, brown, lime, red and orange with a glossy finish. Manufactured in zamak and acrylic.

  • Name FRUIT
  • Model 0113
  • Material Zamak + Acrylic
  • Designer 2J Design

Sizes table

01+01 01+02 01+03 01+42 01+61 01+72    
Polished chrome + white Polished chrome + Black Polished chrome + Lime Polished chrome+ brown Polished chrome + Orange Polished chrome + red Holes Box
0113040V0101 0113040V0102 0113040V0103 0113040V0142 0113040V0161 0113040V0172 1 25

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