FONDA 6005

Furniture feet manufactured in aluminum. Especially suitable for furniture models that require adjustable legs to position itself correctly on the floor. It has a U-shaped groove incorporating an adjuster which can be maneuvered so fixing the setting of the foot. Available in a glossy finish and in 2 measures. Available in shiny finish and stainless steel effect and in 3 sizes.

  • Name FONDA
  • Model 6005
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

01 24 30 NEW!            
Polished chrome Stainless steel look Brushed black C1 C2 W H Holes Box
6005100L01 6005100L24 6005100L30 32 44 80 100 4 24
6005150L01 6005150L24 6005150L30 32 44 80 150 4 24
6005200L01 6005200L24 6005200L30 32 64 100 200 4 24
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