EQUIS 0614

The cross shaped design of the Equis knob is a reinterpretation of the classic industrial tap design which lets everything flow with a simple turning movement. Created by Patricia Roig, the name of this handle references its X shape which distances it from knobs with the conventional silhouette.

The Equis knob adds a touch of personality to any home or retail space which is looking to pass off a sense of special and exclusive character. With its elegant industrial design this decorative accessory turns out to be striking and groundbreaking. Equis is the final word as regards what we are talking about when we refer to originality. Its matt black finish evokes an idea of elegance and gives life to the spaces in which it is found whereas the glossy finish aligns with current trends in decoration and well-being, adding a modern touch and a touch of daring to all types of bathrooms, bedrooms and all round decorative projects.

  • Name Equis
  • Model 0614
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Patricia Roig

Sizes table

Z01 Z03 Z06
Z07 ZM1 ZM2      
Polished chrome Polished black nickel Polished copper Polished brass Matt white Matt black Holes Box  
0614040Z01 0614040Z03 0614040Z06 0614040Z07 0614040ZM1 0614040ZM2 1 25  
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