DUKE 0393

The Duke is a classic knob made in zamak whose design goes well with Victorian-style decor. Its irregular texture and aged finish in tune with today’s trends – with a look seen in contemporary furniture. It is available in ten different finishes which means it can be combined with other models of handles from Viefe®  in order to achieve a perfect aesthetical match.

  • Name DUKE
  • Model 0393
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

66 612 M2 M1 NEW! 610 NEW!
614 NEW! NEW! 23 NEW! 27 NEW! 26 NEW!    
Antique cooper
Antique silver
Matt black
Matt white
Pewter Antique brass
Pol. chrome
Brushed nickel
Brushed brass
Brushed cooper
Holes Box
0393031Z66 0393031Z612 0393031ZM2 0393031ZM1 0393031Z610 0393031Z614 0393031Z01 0393031Z23 0393031Z27 0393031Z26 1 25

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