DOMO 0294

The Domo is a square acrylic knob with a zamak support. Its translucent finish gives it a worn, aged glass look, making it ideal for vintage environments and for contrasting with modern-style furniture in bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms or children’s rooms. Available in a single size and in 4 colours (transparent, grey, light brown and dark brown) and 4 support colours (matt black, polished chrome, brushed nickel or matt gold).

  • Name DOMO
  • Model 0294
  • Material Zamak + Acrylic
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

  09 01 23 18  NEW!    
  Matt black Polished chrome Brushed nickel Matt gold Holes  Box
F1  Matt transparent 0294016V09F1 0294016V01F1 0294016V23F1 0294016V18F1 2 25
F2  Matt transparent grey 0294016V09F2 0294016V01F2 0294016V23F2 0294016V18F2 2 25
F4  Matt transparent light brown 0294016V09F4 0294016V01F4 0294016V23F4 2 25
F5  Matt transparent dark brown 0294016V09F5 0294016V01F5 0294016V23F5 0294016V18F5 2 25
M1 White 0294016V18M1 2 25
M2 Black 0294016V18M2 2 25

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