DINO 0053

Dino is a light and comfortable handle which combines with many types of aesthetic designs. It’s an essential piece for functional furniture. It is presented in a stainless steel effect finish, an aluminum look, white, black and a matt finish. In addition is it is available in three sizes. It offers endless creative possibilities in terms of combinations and positioning. Manufactured in zamak.

  • Name DINO
  • Model 0053
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Viefe® Team

Sizes table

01 23 M1 M2 P4            
Polished chrome Brushed nickel Matt white Matt Black Aluminium look  C1  C2 L H Holes Box
0053096Z01 0053096Z23 0053096ZM1 0053096ZM2 0053096ZP4 96 128 156 24 4 25
0053192Z01 0053192Z23 0053192ZM1 0053192ZM2 0053192ZP4 160 192 221 28 4 25
0053320Z01 0053320Z23 0053320ZM1 0053320ZM2 0053320ZP4 288 320 349 28 4 25

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