CORE 0074

The Core collection consists of acrylic knobs and handles framed by a strip of colour and with an interior filling in the shape of a rectangle in the same tone. Between these two elements, a transparent halo adds a touch of lightness to the composition, as if the knob was floating on the piece of furniture. They come in differing versions, from the longest at 222mm to the shortest at 33mm. Various colours are available: lime green, orange, brown, purple, blue, black and white. Made in acrylic with a polyester resin injection.

  • Name CORE
  • Model 0074
  • Material Acrylic
  • Designer 2J Design

Sizes table

01 02 03 04 06 08 13        
White Black Lime Coffee Orange Blue Violet C L Holes Box
0074001A01 0074001A02 0074001A03 0074001A04 0074001A06 0074001A08 0074001A13 33 1 25
0074032A01 0074032A02 0074032A03 0074032A04 0074032A06 0074032A08 0074032A13 32 61 2 25
0074096A01 0074096A02 0074096A03 0074096A04 0074096A06 0074096A08 0074096A13 96 125 2 25
0074160A01 0074160A02 0074160A03 0074160A04 0074160A06 0074160A08 0074160A13 160 190 2 25
0074192A01 0074192A02 0074192A03 0074192A04 0074192A06 0074192A08 0074192A13 192 222 2 25

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