CONCA 0287 / 0288 / 0289

Conca wooden handles for sliding doors come in rectangular, round or square models. These turned handles have been abated on the inside to a maximum thickness of 9.8 mm, which means that they can be placed in different types of sliding doors. They are available in maple, oak and walnut and include a 3M adhesive strip that allows quick, no-fuss installation. They can also be fitted using silicone.

  • Name CONCA
  • Model 0287 / 0288 / 0289
  • Material Wood
  • Designer Oriol Barri

Sizes table


15 16 17    
Maple Oak Walnut D  Box
0287065W15 0287065W16 0287065W17 65 2
0287090W15 0287090W16 0287090W17 90 2


15 16 17      
Maple Oak Walnut L W Box
0288065W15 0288065W16 0288065W17 65 65 2


15 16 17      
Maple Oak Walnut L W Box
00289150W15 0289150W16 0289150W17 150 50 2

3M tape included

Installable with 3M, silicone, UV.

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