COMM 0333

The Comm handle has a dual function: it may be used as a handle for sliding doors or as an information support integrated into the signage elements of different spaces and establishments. It is available in both smooth and customized versions, with different symbols, texts or logos that we can engrave in laser and in black, on request. Easy fitting with 3M adhesive included) or with silicone or UVA

  • Name COMM
  • Model 0333
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Designer Oriol Barri

Sizes table

Brushed stainless steel  Box  
0333100S25 2  
0333101S25 1 Men – Women
0333102S25 1 Men
0333103S25 1 Women
0333104S25 1 Coffee shop
0333105S25 1 No smoke
0333106S25 1 Disables
0333107S25 1 Elevator
0333108S25 1 Wifi
0333109S25 1 @ / @
0033110S25 1 Mobile no
0333111S25 1 information
0333112S25 1 Silence
0333113S25 1 Horizontal arrow
0033114S25 1 45º Arrow
0033115S25 1 Vertical arrow


3M tape included.

Installable with 3M, silicone, UV.

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