BRAVE 0452

The design of the Brave handle is simple, stylish and attractive. The subtle curve of the handle makes it a lighter, minimalist model which looks perfect in kitchens, bathrooms and contemporary bedrooms. It is available in matt white and black and in the currently trending colours of metallic grey and metallic brown. We can also personalize the final finish.

  • Name BRAVE
  • Model 0452
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Viefe®

Sizes table

M1 NEW! M2 NEW! M23 NEW1 M41 NEW!            
Matt white Matt black Metallic grey Metallic brown C1 C2 L Holes Box  
0452128FM1 0452128FM2 0452128FM23 0452128FM41 128 160 2 25  
0452192FM1 0452192FM2 0452192FM23 0452192FM41 192 240 2 25  
0452320FM1 0452320FM2 0452320FM23 0452320FM41 320 400 2 25  
0452480FM1 0452480FM2 0452480FM23 0452480FM41 192 480 600 4 25  
0452992FM1 0452992FM2 0452992FM23 0452992FM41 192 992 1040 4 15 Descentrat
04521120FM1 04521120FM2 04521120FM23 04521120FM41 192 1120 1150 4 15  
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