BAU 0496

The circular design of the Bau handle makes it a unique handle. Manufactured in zamak, Bau is the perfect handle for bathrooms, kitchens and modern, juvenile bedrooms. This design by Patricia Roig was the winner of the 6th edition of the Viefe® design competition thanks to its personality which provides the contrast between its round shape and the rectangular support on its interior. It means you can grip it with great ease and it’s available in three finishes: brushed nickel, or brushed or matt black. The strength of its design and dimensions make sure the Bau handle doesn’t go unnoticed.

  • Name BAU
  • Model 0496
  • Material Zamak
  • Designer Patricia Roig

Sizes table

23 28 M2    
Brushed nickel Brushed gold Matt black Hole Box
0496064Z23 0496064Z28 0496064ZM2 2 25
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