Barcco is the first wooden profile handle made by Viefe®. It works equally well horizontal or vertical positions.

It has an optimum thickness in order to stand out on kitchen and bathroom furniture and all types of cupboards, providing more warmth and architecture to its surroundings. The 600mm size is ideal for cupboards and doors with medium dimensions. Available in light wood, ash and brown walnut. We can manufacture special sizes to order and personalise their final finishes.

Instalación del tirador Barcco de Viefe from Viefe Handles on Vimeo.

  • Name BARCCO
  • Model 0340
  • Material Wood
  • Designer Alexis Vivet

Sizes table

18 19 0          
Ash Walnut Beech raw C1 C2 L Holes Box
0340200W18 0340200W19 0340200W00 160 200 3 25
0340400W18 0340400W19 0340400W00 320 400 3 25
0340600W18 0340600W19 0340600W00 320 480 600 4 25
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