ARA W 0239

The Ara W handle design is beautifully simple.

The front part is oak, while its supports are made from aluminium. It is light and minimalistic, so as not to dominate, but rather subtly complements any item. It is perfect for furniture in bedrooms, living rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Available in oak and walnut. This model can be operated in vertical and in horizontal mode.

  • Name ARA W
  • Model 0239
  • Material Aluminium + wood
  • Designer 2J Design

Sizes table

24 + 16 24 + 17        
Stainless steel look + Oak Stainless steel look + Walnut C L Holes Box
0239160N2416 0239160N2417 160 220 2 25
0239224N2416 0239224N2417 224 284 2 25
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