ONA 0372

The Ona is a comfortable, minimalist aluminium profile handle, whose shape ensures a perfect grip, making it easy to use. The profile is an embedded piece that is easy to install, as it is screwed on from the rear, which means that it adapts to different furniture widths. It is ideal on pillars and kitchen islands. Available in stainless steel look and also in finishes which are currently trending such as brushed black and brushed, grey anthracite. The new size of 1.100mm allows for it to be fitted on cupboards and doors with larger measurements.

  • Name ONA
  • Model 0372
  • Material Aluminium
  • Designer Teruel / Paré

Sizes table

24 30 NEW! 31 NEW!
Stainless steel look Brushed black
Brushed grey
C  L  Holes Box
0372032L24 0372032L30 0372032L31 32 50 2 25
0372128L24 0372128L30 0372128L31 128 200 2 25
0372256L24 0372256L30 0372256L31 256 350 2 25
03721056L24 03721056L30 03721056L31 1056 1100 4 25

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